Хотел купить авто у иностранца через интернет

Вот еще один способ обмана на который я чуть не попался. Хотел купить авто по интернету на сайте mobile.de. При переписке с хозяином авто получилось следующее:

Re: Audi Allroad, Quattro, Diesel, Automatik, Klima, Navi,07/02, Km: 101.000 km, 8600 EURO

От: Dirk helm (sirdirk.helm@gmail.com)
Отправлено: 9 марта 2008 г. 18:45:01
Кому: sasha gordon (mladik@hotmail.com)

I can deliver the car to Germany but only if you will arrange the transfer so that I will be sure that you will have the money and that you will meet me there.

We can meet this week .I can take the drive and all you have to pay me is 3000 euros .The only way I will come to Germany is if you will arrange a western union transfer from your name to any name in Milano / Italy .To be sure that you will have the control of the money when you send the confirmation send the western union paper with the secret number (MTCN)covered .As soon as i will receive the confirmation i will start my trip. After we meet and we go to the police to do all the papers all you have to do is call Western Union and change the receivers name from the one you chosed to mine so i could get the money when I return to Italty.
Please let me know if you can do that.

Thank you

On 3/9/08, sasha gordon wrote:

Thanks for the answer!

We shall think now how to take away the machine from Italy, because we can not for her arrive, but there is a firm which delivers machines from Europe by the special machine to 10 places.

Still we should call the girl in Italy and обговорить of a detail of transfer of money!

Still there is a variant that familiar from Germany has arrived (flied) in Italy behind the machine!

You want that 3000 were at ours familiar and you to give the document confirming translation I correctly you have understood?

Let’s be on communication (connection) I hope soon to permit (solve) all these problems.


Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2008 19:20:43 +0200
From: sirdirk.helm@gmail.com
To: mladik@hotmail.com
Subject: Re: Audi Allroad, Quattro, Diesel, Automatik, Klima, Navi,07/02, Km: 101.000 km, 8600 EURO

My name is Dirk Helm,

I am located in Napoli/Italy and in a few words I want to explain you my situation: the car was owned by my brother that was student in Bremen/Germany and he died a month ago in a motorcycle accident and let me the car.

I will answer to all your questions after i will receive the confirmation that you agree with my terms of sale.
Here is where you can find some pictures with the car from all the angles: http://picasaweb.google.com/sirdirk.helm/Audi Allroad Quattro

** Feew days ago a person from Norway, told to me that is 100% decided to buy the car. I said OK, we will meet in Milano and we will make the deal on spot.

When I came in Milano, no buyer and never respond to my emails or calls, so here is what I’m sugesting you just to avoide to make the same mistake 2 times: All the time that my brother lived in Bremen, I have sent him money trough a cash transfer service, that has a website too and with this service i’ll have the necessarry prouve to take a decision regardind my trip to Germany.

The service name is Western Union Money Transfer and the website is http://www.westernunion.com.;

You can find a Western Union Agency in your location into a Bank or a Postal Office or at this link: http://locator.westernunion.com/

** You will have to choose a person from your family (wife, husband, mother, father, sister) or your best friend to make a transfer of EUR 3000 as a reservation from the price (8600 EURO) from his name (from yours location) into your name, but in Milano (just like you are allready in Milano).the transfer is like a reservation of the car .The rest of the money you will pay when we meet in MIlano. The person that will wire the money into your name, will be the sender of the transfer and you the receiver and only you two will have the control of this funds.

After the transfer is done, the person that will wire the money will receive a receipt from the western Union agent and all you have to do is to scann this receipt and to send it to me attached trough e-mail.

This paper will be enough for me to see that you have the money and your interes in buying my car is real.

At my turn, as soon as I will see the scanned receipt that will show me that this amount is valid in your Western Union account in Milano, I will make some researches at the Airport, to see when I’ll have flights to Milano.

We will set up a place and a time when we should meet in Milano.

** I think that you’ll understand my concerne and my terms of sale will not be a problem for you if you realy want the car and if you are a serious person.

I don’t want to buy the plane ticket, to come and then to wait for you and maybe you will never come, as my first client from Norway. I have lost a lot of money for that trip and my trust in people. If I will see the receipt, then I will be sure that you have the money and you will be there to wait for me when I will arrive in Milano.

** I want to make all clear and to tell you that, I have put a location from Germany at random, just to be able to post my ad on mobile.de. I have found this web site on http://www.google.com and I have post the ad on others web sites too, because I want to sell it faster.

When you will come in Milano, we will go to a mechanic to confirm you that the car runs perfect and to a Police office to confirm you that the car it’s not stolen.

If something is wrong with this car and if will not be as I have described you, then I will pay for your trip and for the time that you will lose. The car is in perfect conditions it’s like new, I know how much my brother took care of it.

The car papers are on my name now and I will transfer the documents of the car and the plates number on your name and after that we both go to a Western Union Office in Milano to get the money that has been sent from the person from your family (wife, mother, father, sister) or your best friend.

** I have to tell you that, to transfer money trough Western Union you will pay a commission. This is not a problem, because when we will meet in Milano/Italy, I will refund you the commission from my pocket. Also when the sender will go to the Western Union office i think it is better not to tell that the transfer is for a car purchase because will pay a higher commision for the transfer, and to tell that is for a personal emergency.

** I will wait your answer only if you will agree with my proposal, if not don’t reply to waste my time with other ways to close the deal. For more details feel free to contact me anytime on my mail address. Thank you for contacting me and hope you will understand my point of view!!!


On 3/9/08, sasha gordon wrote:

We want to buy your machine but yet we do not know as to arrive to Italy! We have friends in Italy and we shall ask them to see the machine. We ask you to leave the telephone for contact. Say the machine in Italy? Whether you can send us the copier a copy of the documents on the machine? Also can you have an opportunity to go away from Italy in Germany to pass the machine!

We look forward to hearing and we hope will agree with you!

Aleksandr from Belarus.

Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2008 16:11:01 +0200
From: sirdirk.helm@gmail.com
To: mladik@hotmail.com
Subject: Re: Audi Allroad, Quattro, Diesel, Automatik, Klima, Navi,07/02, Km: 101.000 km, 8600 EURO

The car is still for sale. I can tell you the car is in a perfect condition, as you can see in the pictures and it has never involved in an accident or something else. The car was my brother’s who lived in Bremen (Bremen). My brother died a month ago in a motorcycle accident and let me the car. And as I don’t need it, I decided to sell it.

I also don’t want to get rich on the death of my brother so that’s why I have put a low price. I just want to sell it to a serious buyer who will take care of the car just like my brother had, which was a nonsmoker and so it is a nonsmoker car. My brother worked as a mechanic in a Audi service so you can be sure is a well maintained car.

I live in Napoli, Italy and the car is unregistered and it has temporary german transit number plates which are valid three weeks from now on. We can meet in Milano, Italy to finalize this deal because is closer to you. I want to know if you can meet me and I want to be sure you’ll be there. You can send me an email, if you have further questions.

I’ll wait your reply.

Audi Allroad, Quattro, Diesel, Automatik, Klima, Navi
Price: EUR 8.600

101.000 km, 132 kW (179 PS), diesel,
Automatic transmission, Euro 4,
Initial registration date: 07/02,
Auto. A/C, black-metallic, 4/5 Doors

ABS, ESP, Park distance control system, Particulate filter,
4-wheel drive, Central locking, Cruise control, Immobiliser,
Leather interior, Alloy rims, Navigation system, Heated seats,
Sunroof, Auxiliary heating, Electric windows, Xenon headlights

Потом я просто вкинул его номер мыла в поиск гугла, и увидел такую же переписку и историю с чехом, который опубликовал на форуме о машенниках.


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